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Zero Contradictions Emblem Hello and welcome to my philosophy website. My name is Zero Contradictions, and this place is a hybrid between a blog for my own writings (highlighted in red) and a compendium of external links to works by different authors that have influenced my own philosophy and/or are worth reading (highlighted in blue) as well as links to videos, channels, or audio recordings (highlighted in green). If you click one of the links in the navigation bar, then the page will scroll down to that section (which will be in one of the three columns for displays that are at least 800 pixels wide). Whether this site displays in light or dark mode depends on your web browser preferences.
The directory page only displays essays that I wrote myself, hence why it has almost no blue or green links. Everything on this website is under copyright, unless specified otherwise.
If you want to report any typos or broken links, ask questions, give constructive criticism, make volunteer translations, suggest links to add to this home page, or make a donation, please reach out to me at my contact page. As per its name, the goal of this website is to create the most rational philosophy ever with Zero Contradictions, or to at least do my best at that. In a single sentence, my philosophy is based on rationalism and understanding the implications of the subject-object dichotomy and applied evolutionary theory, among other things.


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