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1. Contacting Zero Contradictions

If you want to contact me to ask questions, to report any typos or broken links, to suggest some links to add to the home page, or to give constructive criticism on this blog’s content or design, then you may contact me on any of the following platforms:

  • My Discord Username: zerocontradictions (preferred)
  • My Matrix Username: @zero_contradictions:matrix.org
  • My Skype Profile
  • My Substack (I don’t post anything here, but you can leave comments on the bridge post)

You may also private message me via email at: zerocontradictions.ferry446@aleeas.com.

2. Tip Jar

If you would like to send me a tip to express gratitude for my work, you may use any of the methods below:

Likewise, the QR Code for my Monero Address is:

The QR Code for Zero Contradictions's Monero Address.

I work on this website purely as a hobby and activist project. I also don’t make any money or advertisement revenue on this site, so I appreciate all donations that I receive for supporting my efforts.

3. Why This Blog Does Not Have A Comments Section

There are multiple reasons why this blog does not feature a comments section:

  • It would require extra web development and time to setup.
  • The comments could clutter up the webpages.
  • Advice Trolls may post too many comments.
  • Many blog comments wouldn’t be very useful or thought-provoking. I’ve seen some exceptions to this, and I think Youtube comments tend to be more interesting, but I’ve also seen blogs where a majority of the posts don’t have any comments at all. I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time designing a comment system if little to no people would use it.
  • On the other hand, if the blog is getting a lot of comments, then it’s possible that I won’t have the time and energy to respond to all of them.
  • IMO, there are other platforms out there that are better suited for intellectual discussions.
  • I have a list of FAQs pages that people can read instead to answer their questions.

Maybe I’ll change my mind on this in the future, but for now, I have no plans to add a comments section to any of the pages on this website. Until then, people can leave comments on the bridge post of my Substack, and I may respond to them.

4. The FAQs Pages Will Answer Most People’s Questions

From what I’ve seen on other blogs, I estimate that if this blog had a comments section, approximately half of the comments being made would be criticisms that simply haven’t read enough of this blog’s philosophy to understand why the criticisms are invalid. I argue that it would be a waste of time to respond to such comments if the specific criticisms in question were already addressed elsewhere on the blog.

Of course, the main reason why those types of criticisms are made in the first place is because the counter-arguments to the criticisms are not easy enough to find before writing them. This is one reason why I created several FAQs pages that I can redirect people to read for common questions/criticisms that someone is likely to make against this blog’s philosophy.

The other reason I created the FAQs pages is that they’re an effective introduction and persuasion tool. I can recall that John Stossel’s method of answering FAQs in his pro-Libertarianism videos were effective in persuading me to convert Libertarianism when I became a Libertarian (until I eventually rejected it). And the Efilism Wiki’s FAQs page was also persuasive for accepting the reasoning behind Efilism, until I saw through Efilism’s fallacious reasoning and assumptions. The first FAQs that I saw for Georgism and other ideologies were also great introductions for getting to know those ideologies for the first time.

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